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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: TMTPRP-SRE
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The Marui SRE platform REDPOWER piston head is made with CNC machined DELRIN on specific measures by TopMax Elaborazioni. The DELRIN structure make this piston head reliable, durable and incredibly suitable for any type of configuration. The REDPOWER piston head is made with axial-internal vacuum holes and radial output holes, with which provide better air distribution on the sealing O-RING, speeding up its dilatation during the compression phase. The size and position of the radial holes is designed to achieve stability, consistency and accuracy in the shots.
The front shape of the piston head has been designed to further reduce stresses due to the impact with the PAD of the cylinder head even at more higher R.O.Fs.. The piston head has a small break-in that decreases the contact surface with the inside of the cylinder to minimize frictions. The ERGAL and DELRIN insert for fixing the piston head on the piston, specific for Marui SRE platform, is CNC made and it has a new design that reduce the overhall weight of the piston head, reducing the striking mass too. The Marui SRE platform REDPOWER piston head, during compression phase, takes advantage of the Venturi principle, generating a more homogeneous compression of the O-RING for any configuration in which its installed. The compression chamber is sized to allow an optimal compression opening time of the O-RING and prevent to get too much more power being delivered in FULL AUTO mode than necessary, creating wheelies of the bbs trajectory. For maximum performance, we recommend pairing the piston head with the TopMax cylinder head. 

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