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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: TPBPWMM
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The BLUEPOWER piston head is made with CNC machined DELRIN on specific measures by TopMax Elaborazioni. The DELRIN structure make this piston head reliable, durable and incredibly suitable for any type of configuration. The BLUEPOWER piston head is made with axial-internal vacuum holes and radial output holes, with which provide better air distribution on the sealing O-RING, speeding up its dilatation during the compression phase. Compared to the REDPOWER piston head, in the BLUEPOWER piston head the size and position of the radial holes is even different to achieve greater aggression when compressing the O-RING while maintaining stability, consistency and accuracy in the shots.

The front shape of the BLUEPOWER piston head has been designed to further reduce stresses due to the impact with the PAD of the cylinder head even at more higher R.O.Fs.. The BLUEPOWER piston head does not have the double O-RING of sealing/stabilization, but has a small break-in that decreases the contact surface with the inside of the cylinder to minimize friction. The total height of the TopMax piston head is standardized to the size of the other piston heads on the market. The ERGAL and DELRIN insert for fixing the piston head on the piston is slightly shorter than the standard market size, so you can use the TopMax piston head on any piston on the market.

The BLUEPOWER piston head is designed to have a much narrower compression chamber than the REDPOWER to have a faster compression phase on the O-RING, a fster opening time and ensuring that the cylinder’s air volume is fully compressed almost instantly as soon as the O-RING overtakes the cylinder milling. In terms of air tightness and compression speed, the BLUEPOWER head is one of the best performing piston heads on the market.

It can be used into any configuration, from low-R.O.Fs. to high-R.O.Fs., but we recommend using the BLUEPOWER piston head on high R.O.Fs. configurations with short/super short inner barrels, to take advantage of early compression that comes from the position of the anti-vacuum holes.

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