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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: TMCL530V
  • Availability: In Stock

18.90€ Ex Tax: 15.24€

Technical specifications of the cylinder C - 53.00mm with 3 holes:

Cylinder length – 72.20mm,
Outer diameter of the cylinder – 25.50mm,
Internal diameter of the cylinder – 23.85mm.

ANODIZING and BRIGHTENING internal finishing, are made to ensure the decrease in friction between the contact surfaces, increased smoothness and resistance to rubbing of the O-RING during use. The TopMax Elaborazioni cylinders are compatible with the majority of GearBoxs on the market. The TopMax Elaborazioni recommends the use of the GREEN C-53.00mm cylinder in combination with inner barrel between 251.00mm and 300.00mm in length.

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