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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: TMGD-SRE
  • Availability: In Stock

16.90€ Ex Tax: 13.63€

CNC machined ERGAL spring guide for Marui M4/M16 SRE platform. To achieve the vibration reduction effect resulting from the impact of the piston on the PAD of the cylinder head and ensure the action of anti-twisting of the spring, we recommend to use the DELRIN thicknesses sold together with the spring guide (the colour of the DELRIN thicknesses can be white, black or both). DELRIN thickness are made also for adjust the output energy expressed
by the replica.
The shape of the spring guide has been modified compared to those ones found on the market, the main shaft has been elongated and slightly enlarged to provide greater stability to the spring during pre-compression and release even at high speeds, while at the top there is a progressive narrowing of the shaft that makes it compatible with all the springs on the market.

The spring guide will be sold with 3 DELRIN thicknesses to adjust the output energy of the AEG:

x1 of 1,50mm
x1 of 2,50mm
x1 of 4,50mm

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