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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: TMLA
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The oil for O-RINGs and Air Group of TopMax Elaborazioni is a high-performance silicone oil designed to ensure the lubrification and the air tightness of the rubber components present in the replicas. Its chemical composition, makes it almost totally odorless, stable to heat and resistant to oxidation even at high operating temperatures.

How to apply TopMax  oil for O-RING and air group:
The application of the oil on O-RINGs and in the air group, must be done through dispensers and/or small brushes in order not to overdo it with quantities. Apply oil to O-RINGs and points of contact between metals/plastics and rubber elements.
Once opened it can be stored in its original packaging for up to 60 months, keeping the physical-chemical properties up to temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius.

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