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  • Brand: TOP MAX
  • Product Code: KITGR
  • Availability: In Stock

9.90€ Ex Tax: 7.98€

The grease for mechanical components of the TopMax Elaborazioni is a high-performance grease for all metal/steel components subject to high speeds and medium/high effort/loads. Its chemical composition, guarantees adhesiveness to the application areas, makes it almost totally odorless, resistant to washing in water, suitable for long-lasting lubrification applications thanks to the reduced evaporation of the oily component and to counteract oxidation, corrosion and wear. The grease for O-RING and Air Group of TopMax Elaborazioni is a high-performance silicone grease designed to ensure the lubrification and the air tightness of the rubber components present in the replicas. Its chemical composition, makes it almost totally odorless, stable to heat and resistant to oxidation even at high operating temperatures.

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