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Maczeta Ganzo Firebird F804-FS+

  • Brand: Ganzo
  • Product Code: F804-FS+
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.15€

Ganzo Firebird F804-FS is a solid kukri survival machete with functional sheath and accessories useful in the field.

The machete was made of durable 5CR14 stainless steel, which is characterized by high resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. Budget 5CR14 steel is hardened to a hardness of 54-55 HRC, however, the blade made of such an alloy very easily and quickly sharpens in the field. The kukri profile blade is the perfect solution for a heavy-duty tool.

The center of gravity of the curved blade has been moved forward, as a result of which the hand gets less tired during work, and the cutting itself is very efficient. The flat cut is very durable, has good cutting properties, it is not wedged during deep cutting, its sharpening is instinctive and simple.

A profiled grip made of rubberized material with a non-slip texture is responsible for the comfort of work. There is a hole at the end of the handle that allows you to insert a security cable.

To carry the machete we get a comfortable case made of durable nylon. Sheath has an adjustable belt that allows comfortable wearing the machete on the back or shoulder and two additional kukri stabilizing straps on the thigh (when worn on the belt). The machetes are protected by two snap fasteners before sliding out or getting lost. On the front wall there is a flat pocket with a Velcro flap, which houses additional accessories, i.e. a diamond sharpener and a tinder.

A diamond whetstone will quickly cope with a blunt blade, and if necessary, also repair a damaged cutting edge. Tinder is a reliable tool for obtaining fire, without which in a crisis situation we will not survive too long. That is why the set includes a rod made of a synthetic pyrophoric alloy with a rubberized grip and a steel rod for striking.


Kukri blade profile. Hardness of steel [HRC] 54-55. Knife type: constant blade - full tang. Stainless steel type - 5cr14Mov. Cladding material plastic - polymer. Sheath material nylon. Corrosion resistance high. Blade resistance low. blade [mm] 286 Blade thickness [mm] 3.5 Weight [g] 544 Elements of the knife set diamond sharpener, tinder, sheath

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